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Property Care

Property Care

In order to meet our rental guests’ expectations and maximize our owners’ rental revenue, Southern Vacation Rentals upholds high rental standards and offers services to create a sweet Southern experience and provide the highest quality property care.

Seasoned Staff

Southern’s team is our greatest asset, and thus our owners and guests are well taken care of at all times. Every area has a dedicated management team, including general manager, property care manager and owner relations manager, as well as seasoned guest services staff.

Interior Standards

To meet rental guests’ expectations and maximize rental income, Southern helps owners meet interior standards aligned with more than 18 years of guest feedback.

Maintenance Service Plan

Southern provides, at no cost to owners, a maintenance service plan for minor household repairs, allowing our property care manager to keep each property in top condition and always rental-ready. For any larger maintenance needs, Southern works with the area’s most trusted service providers.

Quality Control

After every guest departure and before every arrival, a Southern Vacation Rentals representative inspects each property to confirm there is no damage, to ensure housekeeping meets our strict standards and to tend to any minor maintenance issues immediately.

Property Care Managers also make periodic inspections throughout the year and provide owners with recommendations to enhance the property.


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