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Taking the greatest possible care of your investment is of the utmost importance to Southern. In our unique property management approach to providing premier service, one of the two dedicated managers to each owner is the Property Condition Manager (PCM), who is field based and solely focused on managing the details of your property. While they start with ensuring minimum interior standards are met to meet guests’ expectations and maximize rental income, their role is far more extensive directing the fundamental housekeeping and maintenance of your property.


Knowing every detail of your property and devoted to keeping it clean and well as in good repair, your PCM personally schedules and oversees the Housekeeping crews assigned to your property.

Your Property Condition Manager coordinates, as well as performs, Quality Inspections by additional staff after every departure to confirm no damage and to uphold Southern’s housekeeping standards. It is our goal to be in your property as much as possible between guests so that no detail gets overlooked.

As part of our housekeeping services, Southern delivers a cost-effective “Refresh Clean” program rather than a typical “Deep Clean” once a year. This allows owners more high levels cleans without the corresponding expense.


A well maintained property lasts longer and is always more appealing to the guests we serve. Our Property Condition Manager facilitates our comprehensive Maintenance Plan provided at no extra cost. They keep your property in top condition while the plan covers the cost to service and repair minor household items.

The Property Condition Manager also qualify, manage and direct all vendors that work in your property to be sure consistency and expense expectations are met.

Have a few more questions about how Southern cares for your property? Our Frequently Asked Questions may be able to help.