Thousands of northwest Florida home owner‘s children will be heading for college during the next few weeks, and they’ll typically take a variety of expensive personal possessions with them. If your kids are joining (or returning to) the ranks of college students, you’ll have a little peace of mind knowing that if those possessions are stolen – or lost in a fire – they may be (at least partially) covered by your home owner’s policy.

If your child stays in a dormitory, most personal possessions are covered under your home owner or renter insurance policies. Be aware of the fact that some policies limit the amount of insurance for off-premises belongings to 10% of the total amount of coverage for personal possessions.

Computers, electronic equipment, and jewelry may also be subject to coverage limits under a standard home owners policy. If the limits are too low for your needs, you can buy a special personal property floater or an endorsement for these items. There are also stand-alone insurance policies for computers and cell phones.

Students who live off campus are likely not covered by their parents’ home owners policy and may need to purchase their own renters insurance. If your kids will be living off campus, check with your insurance company to see if your policy extends off-campus.

Remind your kids that they should take steps to protect their possessions.

  • Lock doors: Even if it’s just a trip down the hall, students should lock their door and take the key with them.
  • Leave expensive jewelry at home: It’s not worth risking losing these items to a thief.
  • Engrave electronic items: Engraving laptops, televisions and other electronic equipment with an easy-to-remember identifying number can help police track them if they’re stolen.
  • Don’t leave belongings unattended: This is especially true for laptops. NEVER leave laptops unattended in any public place, including the library, study lounges or dining halls.

Whether your kids are attending college locally, or heading away from the northwest part of the “Sunshine State,” help them take the steps necessary to keep themselves – and their belongings – safe. And if you’re thinking of buying or selling a home in Panama City Beach or Destin, the Veach Team is prepared to help you find the Florida home of your dreams. Contact us today, and let us show you why “Life is a Beach” here in beautiful Destin! And don’t forget to “LIKE” us on Facebook – we’d love to talk with you.