Job Summary:

The Portfolio Manager (PM) is a key point of contact for owners and is expected to build and maintain strong relationships as measured by the retention, profitability and guest satisfaction of their assigned portfolio.  Exceed expectations of customers & owners by being fully accountable for the appearance, inventory, cleanliness, and maintenance of his/her portfolio.  This is accomplished by working hand and hand with coordinating Southern departments.

Position objectives are reached through these responsibilities but are not limited to them:

Owner Retention

  • Create unique plan for each owner on how they would like to receive communications.
  • Call and email owners/owners guests 48-hours prior to their arrival to ensure they have all codes and set appointments as needed
  • Conduct Inspections for Owner arrivals
  • Confirm and review all new property worksheets and corresponding paperwork are completed and input into software System accurately and on a timely basis
  • Conduct quarterly owner reviews in person and via phone and email, maintaining documentation of discussion and action items
  • Train new owners on the use of Owner Link, how to block owner stays, owner referral stays and follow-up with them on a regular basis to ensure we are meeting their needs
  • Maintain contact with Home Owners Association and property/community service staff to enhance owner relationships
  • Monitor property usage to identify positive and negative guest satisfaction, communicate to owner property maintenance needs and requests from Property Condition Manager


  • Communicate property performance to owners with assistance of revenue management team
  • Approve monthly owner’s statement in conjunction with accounting department to ensure all credits and debits are accounted for and documented properly
  • Demonstrate ability to understand financial goals, operate asset in Southern’s best interest on behalf of the owner
  • Maintain accurate records of all transactions and submit on a weekly basis (i.e., inspection reports, work orders, supply inventory, etc.)
  • Provide constant vendor/contractor communications concerning scheduling, billing, vendor relations and certificates of insurance
  • Ensure that A/P invoices are submitted to the corporate office for payment
  • Account for all expenses by filling out Gas Receipt and Credit Card Receipt Log on daily/weekly basis


  • Communicate appropriate information to Area Manager regarding units coming on/off program and execute proper protocol
  • Provide support to all staff to encourage teamwork and lead as an example in creating a harmonious environment
  • Confirm all new property worksheets and corresponding paperwork are completed and input into software System accurately and on a timely basis
  • Coordinate/Schedule photographer to take pictures of the units
  • Ensure current property files are properly maintained
  • Ensure all administrative paperwork is accurate, complete and submitted on a timely basis
  • Lead emergency team for property portfolio. Ensure proper response and handling of all emergencies at property, guests, buildings, etc. within company guidelines to minimize liabilities (i.e., criminal activity at property, weather, employee/guest injuries, fires, floods, freezes, etc.)
  • Coordinate maintenance schedule and assignments for property portfolio and assist other PCM’s, as needed
  • Schedule Seasonal Inspectors for pre-inspection/spot checking
  • Provide support to staff to encourage teamwork and lead as an example in creating a harmonious environment
  • Hires/Fires/trains/schedules housekeeping staff for assigned units
  • Offices are maintained and stocked according to company guidelines on a consistent basis

Guest Services

  • Find solutions to guest concerns in regards to property condition and request in timely manner to ensure guest satisfaction with management; abide by Sundown Rule
  • Ensure distribution of all company or property-issued notices (ie. Bad weather, emergency, etc.)
  • Administer “go-back” protocol with housekeepers for any guest satisfaction issues in relation to property conditions


  • Maintain property appearance, cleanliness, inventory, and ensure repairs are noted and completed in a timely manner.
  • Responsible for installation/maintenance of WIFI in units
  • Assure quality and quantity of inventory items in each property
  • Ensure that all properties are walked and create/complete any work orders that require maintenance items are submitted/updated daily in software system
  • Ensure that all service requests by guests, owners, etc. are communicated/completed following sundown rule.
  • Ensure vehicle is cleaned and stocked with all tools and supplies needed (if applicable)


  • Learn and ensure compliance with all company, local, state, and federal safety rules
  • Ensure that unsafe conditions are reported and/or corrected immediately
  • Direct staff to follow a “safety first” principle


  • Southern Operating Systems
  • Concur

On Call

  • Being available 24/7  for customer support if such issue should arise (must be available by phone call or text message after hours)

Emergency Plan

  • Be aware of the company’s emergency preparedness plan and responsibilities. This includes being available for implementation and assistance if necessary.

Must be able to pass background and pre-employment drug screening

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